Plastic products for medical technology

Polymers are extremely popular in medical technology not only because of their safe, hygienic and versatile usability, but also because of their high level of reliability. Thanks to our decades of experience in plastics production, we can meet the high demands of polymer-based medical products.

Safe and reliable use of plastics in medicine

The list of application areas for plastic parts in the medical sector is varied. In addition to housings, packaging, syringes or other sanitary products, 3D prints are also an important topic. With the help of our in-house quality management, prototypes and finished medical products can be checked on site.

As different as the use of plastics in medicine is, most plastic products in this sector have one thing in common: They are required in large quantities. The series production of polymer-based medical products is therefore an important topic, which we can serve particularly well with our plastic injection molding process.

Benefit from our decades of experience in full-service plastics production. Let us design and produce your medical products precisely, safely and quickly using rapid prototyping, series production and internal quality management.