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Suppliers are an important success factor for GS. Seamless integration into our value chain ensures that we and our suppliers work together efficiently for the benefit of both parties.

The most important GS procurement principles

  • We strive for a long-term, sustainable and goal-oriented partnership with our suppliers.

  • We are looking for partners who will work with us to help optimize the entire value chain.

  • We value punctuality, reliability, trust, quality and stability.

  • Clear and open communication in an objective and goal-oriented form is the elementary basis of successful cooperation.

  • We expect our suppliers to be flexible (especially with regard to delivery times, order quantities, changes and risks) and willingness to innovate in order to be able to react consistently to market changes. We offer the same to our suppliers in return.

  • We work closely with our suppliers and invest in partners with high sustainability.

  • We achieve long-term cost effects for the benefit of everyone involved in value creation.

What products do we buy?

  • Plastic granules: standard thermoplastics and technical thermoplastics

  • Regranulates/recyclates/ground material

  • Cleaning granules

  • Additives (masterbatches, UV stabilizers, blowing agents, etc.)

  • Other plastic parts according to drawings, e.g. extruded or deep-drawn parts

  • Cardboard boxes, packaging material, labels

  • Pallets
  • Metal: standard parts (screws, bushings, sleeves, springs, etc.) and according to drawings

  • Injection molding machines, peripherals, handling devices, assembly systems, devices

  • Injection molding tools and accessories
  • Tools/workshop supplies

  • Office supplies
  • Service provider in the field of assembly, packaging, assembly, injection molding, logistics

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