3D scan & 3D print

With our 3D scan and 3D print, three-dimensional data from physical objects is collected using the most modern equipment in order to later print them three-dimensionally in an additive process.

3D printing

3D printing is an innovative and cost-effective manufacturing process in which three-dimensional objects are built up layer by layer. Thanks to this technology, there is enormous variability and freedom of design, especially in the production of prototypes.

With our powerful and reliable 3D printers “Ultimaker S5” and “modix BIG-60” we are able to generate versatile, precise and high-quality components in industrial quality.

You not only benefit from a short production time, but also from a massive print volume of up to 600 x 600 x 660 mm.

3D scanner

3D-Scanner ermöglichen genaueste Vermessungen komplexerster Bauteile innerhalb geringer Analysezeiten. Dabei werden Daten eines dreidimensionalen räumlichen Gegenstandes erfasst, um diese anschließend digital zu rekonstruieren.

Dank unseres KEYENCE VL-500 3D-Scanners können wir dieses Verfahren optimal in der Praxis umsetzen und innerhalb überschaubarer Zeit komplexe Geometrien mit geringem Aufwand vermessen sowie digitalisieren.

3D printing manufacturing process

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