In Mould Decoration

One solution – many faces – unique designs

Would you like to have individual plastic products made with surfaces that stand out?

In the IMD process, injection molding and finishing take place in a single step. In this process, a foil previously printed with the desired decor is fed into the injection molding tool. Due to the injection pressure and the heat of the plastic, the decorative layers are detached from the carrier film and transferred to the plastic.

IMD Prozessdarstellung

Procedure IMD:

  1. Printed decorative film (rolled goods) is positioned in the tool
  2. Fixation and adjustment of the decorative foil
  3. The mold closes and the injection process starts – the layers of paint on the decorative foil are bonded by pressure and temperature
  4. Removal of the decorated product with simultaneous film feed

Freedom of design for your product

Set new standards in terms of customization and integration of the decorated pieces in a variety of environments through countless color, material and finish options.

Individual requirements for surface properties, scratch resistance and weather influences are also taken into account.

The simple change of the decorative film also enables small quantities to be produced with a wide variety of decors.

ABS plastic is used in the manufacture of the dispenser shown above – but it is also possible to use recyclates, which can also be decorated in a high-quality and attractive way. The decorative films are also recyclable. The panels can also be provided with long-term antibacterial and antiviral hygiene protection in the IMD process. The transparent coating effectively repels SARS-CoV-2 viruses, among other things.

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